Thank you for your support.

Please pray for me and this work.

Although my life is multi-faceted, creating as a manga artist is something that has been given to me to steward. I’ve felt pushed back many times but understand that faith and moving forward is of utmost importance.

Purchase our Products:

You can support us through the purchase of products in the shop and through Amazon. I calculate the shipping costs so the prices stay as low as possible.

Donate Talents:

I’m looking for translators, and those who are willing to edit the text bubbles for various languages~!

Some of you also have asked to donate your art and web skills for this site. I’m so appreciative. Although I have a wonderful art assistant, you can contact me if you have a special art or web design gift you’d like to use to help. Creating music is good, too! Any support is always welcome.

Donate Funds:

All funds will be put back into the ministry through the purchase of webhosting, supplies, and printing fees. Of course 10% of what comes in is automatically tithed to support other needs and kingdom purposes.

Thanks so much!