This comic has been in development since I was first inspired around 2003. It has stayed with me but went through numerous changes. It probably seems strange to continue with something for so long but after laying it down over and over again, I felt a push to continue the work.

Taken from Psalm 61 below, I desire to make people think about things that are beyond what they can see, and to inspire them to think about a heavenly, loving God who knows, sees, and hears them. All are created uniquely gifted, with special purposes given to them. We are given heavenly caretakers who help us walk in God’s best. God’s spiritual messengers are real, they’re in our earthly affairs and they’re also powerfully involved in spiritual warfare for our benefit.  According to our relationship with Christ and the Word of God, angels wait for us to command them!

In this story, Jenna realizes that she doesn’t have to be perfect in order for God to come and reveal Himself. In fact, it was at her lowest point.

Keep me in this glory.
Let me live continually under your splendor-shadow,
hiding my life in you forever
(in the shelter of your wings)

—Psalm 61:4 (the passion translation)


My name is Lisa Hutchinson (maiden name Rossetti). I am a wife, mom, graduate of Tyler School of Art in Philly. My parents were both Italian immigrants. I was taught piano and mandolin during elementary school, and I created art as much as I could. Music and art were my passions and always flowed in my life. I also loved theatre and dance.

After graduation I was led to work with kids of all ages in both public and private schools and in special education classrooms. I freelanced on the side. Anime art did not come into my life until after having three kids. It was then that I pursued creating in this format with much passion. I’m always busy, always positive and always in development. Each day I hope to grow in love, hope, joy, faithfulness and skill, and use what I have to help others.

I don’t view my identity in what I do but who I am in Jesus. Nothing is greater than His love for me.